Packing Line Innovations

To reach highest output capacities, it is required to look at specific requirements:

  • Automatic production process
  • Continuous material supply
  • Ability to handle a wide variety of products and packing types.

For flexible, interruption-free and automated dunnage and protection ledge handling, Schermesser offers two solutions:

  • Articulated robots (6-axis-robots)
  • Linear robots



New Stretch Wrapping Machine

Highly flexible, this machine is able to foil/ wrap small, medium and large-size packets.
Its reasonnable space requirement enables it to be integrated into all types of packing lines.



Innovations with the 3D-Scanning

We offer technical expertise that allows us to develop, engineer and realize your project professionnally.

3D Laser Scanning of your facilities and production equipment:

  • Measurement of the complete workshop / machine environment
  • Interference tests (collision control) before integration of new machines in existing lines
  • Faster installation
  • 3D documents for your files

Latest News

Servelec becomes Schermesser Electric Systems


In December 2016, Schermesser Handling Systems / France was awarded for export performance. The award was presented by CCI Alsace (Chamber of Industry and Commerce) in an annual competition. Schermesser was able to conquer international competitors.