Stacker / unstacker of panels

Handling solution for your panels: stacking and destacking

Discover our stacking and unstacking solutions for panels

Handling: stacking and destacking of flat products

The unstacker and stacker for panels as well as for (empty) pallets is designed to be integrated on your automatic handling lines. The unstacker / stacker is thus designed with a conveying solution, either with chains, rollers or belts to be integrated on the handling line. This stacking and unstacking solution ensures the supply of your workstations and your production lines.

Automated solution

Integrating an automatic stacker / destacker on your production line as well as on your handling line allows you to feed and dose the panels or pallets on your transport line. The elevation of the stack is fully motorized.

This handling solution for your flat products can accept a wide variety of formats and we at Schermesser also make custom-made machines adapted to the dimensions and weight of your panels.

Automated stacking and destacking of panels

The unstacker and stacker of panels or pallets allows to facilitate the handling in order to gain in efficiency and output. This solution increases productivity while improving working conditions for people. This stacking and unstacking solution also makes it possible to organize the storage of flat products more quickly and efficiently.

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