Who are we?

Our experience, our strength

Since 1977, Schermesser has been manufacturing special machines for flat products

Initially specialized in the manufacture of industrial machines, Schermesser quickly diversified in the design of its products. 

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The fields of activity of Schermesser

Schermesser Handling Systems has specialized in many areas. Today we are able to offer you production and handling solutions for all types of panels or flat products:

  • Wooden panel field
  • Steel sector
  • Building materials sector
  • Insulation field 
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Schermesser innovations

3D scanner technology

We put our technical knowledge and experience at your service in the development and planning of your projects, in particular through the 3D digitization of your workshops and production equipment.



The company Schermesser acknowledge the decision rendered today by Philippe BABO, president of the court, who dismisses the company SELMONI, the company SELMONI SMART HANDLING, Mr. Brice SCHERMESSER, Mr. Thomas SCHERMESSER and Mr. Gérard SCHERMESSER, doing business under the trade name of GS CONSULTING, from their retraction request of the legal ordinance rendered the 27 April 2021.

Press release


insulation panel production

Schermesser GmbH expands its activities in the insulation panel industry

The panel industry, our core business

Déménagement Schermesser à Guewenheim

Schermesser moves to Guewenheim (F-68116)

Guewenheim between Berlfort and Mulhouse


Our values

Think. Design. Build.

For almost 50 years, Schermesser has been involved in the industry and its innovations. We specialize in the design and manufacture of industrial processes. We produce processes for the wood, steel, building materials and insulation sectors.