Packing Line Innovations

To reach highest output capacities, it is required to look at specific requirements:

  • Automatic production process
  • Continuous material supply
  • Ability to handle a wide variety of products and packing types

For flexible, interruption-free and automated dunnage and protection ledge handling, Schermesser offers two solutions:

  • Articulated robots (6-axis-robots)
  • Linear robots

Innovations with the 3D-Scanning

We put our technical knowledge and experience at your service in the development and planning of your projects, in particular through the 3D digitization of your workshops and production equipment.

3D Laser Scanning of your facilities and production equipment:

  • Measurement of the complete workshop / machine environment
  • Interference tests (collision control) before integration of new machines in existing lines
  • Faster installation
  • 3D documents for your files


3D scann
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New Stretch Wrapping Machine

The large size film wrapping machine is a flexible device for filming stacks of small, medium and large size panels. The reasonable space occupied allows this machine to be integrated in all types of packaging lines.