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Automatic stretch wrapping with rotating arm for big packs

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Automatic wrapping machine with rotating arm for big packs

The automatic wrapping machine with rotating arm can be integrated on your handling lines. We customize the stretch wrapping according to the dimensions of your stacks and your existing installations. This automatic wrapping machine with rotating arm applies a stretch film, particularly suitable for use in sectors that require high production rates and for light, easily deformable and unstable products.

Thanks to the rotating arm technology, film deposition and load stabilization occur when the package is at a standstill. This avoids any risk of the load falling, regardless of the rotation speed of the arm. 

The wrapping machine’s arm deposits the stretch film, then cuts it and seals the film tail on the pallet or stack. All our wrapping machines and film dispensing machines comply with European safety standards.

The modularity of the groups that compose it allows a great versatility of use even in the presence of large packages. Our automatic wrapping systems can be studied and adapted to provide you with a tailor-made solution. This machine can be integrated into your conveyor line in order to achieve fully automated packaging of your stacks.

The banding machines we produce are custom-made, listening to the requirements of our customers. At Schermesser we build handling machines and intralogistics systems for the transport of flat products or products on pallets. 

Wrapping packs up to 5720 mm lenght and 2270 mm width.

Discover the operation of the automatic wrapping machine step by step

The load is automatically fed by a conveyor-type handling system. Once the stack or pallet is positioned, the rotating arm wraps the load and the clamp opens to release the film. The arm stops when it has completed the selected number of turns around the stack.

  • A heating wire cuts the film and welds it to the stack.
  • The conveyor belt on which the stack has arrived engages to continue its movement in the warehouse.
  • The wrapping machine is ready to receive another stack or pallet to be wrapped

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