Material Handling and Packing Lines for Steel Industries

Discover our specialized devices for the transport and packaging of metal products

Empileur de paquets avec dispositif de pesée

Metal Sheet Stacker, with weight scale

Our stacking units with weighing device for the metal industry

Empileur de paquets avec dispositif de pesée
Transport et stockage intermédiaire de paquets de tôles

Transport and Buffer Conveyors for Metal Sheets

Specific conveyors for the transport and intermediate storage of bundles of sheets

Shrink Foil Packing

Our devices for transporting and depositing film on your panels

Dispositif de transport et dépose de film
Dispositif de dépose automatique de chevrons

Automatic Dunnage Handling Stations

Discover our automatic rafter removal solutions

Longitudinal Strapping Machines

Discover our longitudinal strapping station

Cercleuse longitudinale
Cercleuse transversale avec empileur de paquets

Cross Strapping Machines, with package stacker

Our cross strapping systems with automatic package stackers

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