Cleaning brush for wood panels

Remove excess dust and wood particles from your panels 

Discover our brush and vacuum systems

Remove dust and excess particles with our integrated brush and vacuum systems

We design and manufacture cleaning brush stations that can be integrated into your large-scale wood panel production lines. Thus, during the machining or after the machining of your wood panels, you can integrate on your lines solutions of cleaning of dust and wood particles thanks to brush devices.

Industrial dedusting directly integrated on the production line

The brush removes dust and excess wood particles that can be created when cutting or sanding panels. You thus obtain a clean product without residues before being able to send them to another workstation. This brush device is fully automated and can be integrated into your production line using a conveyor system.

We produce tailor-made solutions for the wood industry

Capturing and releasing dust, sawdust and wood shavings makes workstations and the entire work environment healthier. Panel cleaning systems also help keep the environment and tools clean. For example, installing brush devices ensures the proper functioning of machining and handling tools for panel production.

Brush systems to remove dust and excess wood ensure continuous cleaning at certain stages of the production of your wood panels.

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