Our sawing systems

Saw your panels 

We saw it, we edged it

Our sawing units will allow you to cut your panels in a fully automated way on your production lines.

We tend towards an integrated approach of your equipment

In order to make you gain in productivity, we deliver custom-made and automated sawing lines. Our machines allow a quality of cut and finish incomparable to other existing systems.

To allow you to saw your panels according to your requirements, several saws are installed to cut the stack of panels or the single panel. The number of saws depends on your needs and cutting application.

The panel arrives in the machine by a conveyor system and is then grabbed by a clamp and pushed through the rotating circular saws. This method provides a clean and consistent cut for your mass production industry. The transfer of the panels is done without human intervention, the line is totally automated to make you gain in productivity. Once the panels have been cut, they are taken out of the production line by means of integrated conveyors.

Our automatic panel sawing systems allow you to integrate exact process control with clean panel cutting capability on your lines. The machine has a high angular accuracy thanks to the panel alignment device when cutting a stack, for example.

We also ensure the safety of our sawing systems. Although they are automated and do not require human intervention, the sawing lines we supply are equipped with protection and emergency stop systems. In addition to this protection, a suction hood is integrated which sucks up deposits and chips during the cutting process.

The advantages of our Schermesser sawing lines:

  • Applicable to any type of material (wood, metal, plastic, etc.)
  • Fully automatic
  • Speed: from 60 to 80 meters per minute
  • Center cut, planing, transverse and longitudinal

A mastery from the design to the installation of your sawing line

Designed in-house in our design offices in France and Germany, the automated systems we produce meet your expectations. Our goal is to make your production process more efficient.

We carry out a 3D simulation of your workshops and your existing production system in order to design a sawing or edging system adapted to your panel production. Our sawing solutions for your panel production are simple and easy to install. We support you in the choice of the sawing machine, its properties according to your field of application, its installation and its maintenance.

Speed, quality and accuracy

The panels are moved on the conveyors and pass through the sawing machine smoothly, quickly and above all with great precision. Special motorized pushers ensure an optimal and fast transverse transfer. This enables us to deliver a high-quality, thorough and efficient cutting solution for your panels. We ensure this process with our special conveyor technology and sawing equipment for serial production.

At the end of the cut, the panels are directly on conveyors, there is no need for human intervention, the whole sawing process is automated.

Schermesser provides you with more and more technologies for a customized sawing line

Our technologies of flow management, stacking and unstacking, cooling storage, or a banding machine can be integrated on your lines. Our goal is to provide you with a production and sawing line that meets your expectations. You get a sawing or edging line that perfectly meets your needs.

Several stacking stations can be integrated on the line for continuous stacking. In addition, protective panels can be used during stacking if required for your application.

Your automatic sawing line

All our electrical and electrotechnical equipment is made in-house. We master all the production stages of your machines and ensure their reliability. The automatisms and the programming of the sawing lines like all the other machines we produce are ensured by our team.

Each of our Schermesser installations is adapted to the needs of our customers

Our know-how and expertise allow us to provide you with a solution for your sawing lines applicable to any type of material. The rotation speed of the circular saw and the feed speed of the sawing line carriage must be carefully controlled. We are thus able to provide you with a delicate sawing system in order to protect and not to damage the most sensitive surfaces.

Schermesser saws are used to cut sophisticated and innovative materials without damaging them during the cutting process. 

Applicable to the wood industry, the sawing line is usually integrated with the sanding line.

Application example of a panel sawing line:

After alignment, the long edges of the panels are cut. For cross-cutting, the panels are pre-stacked to achieve a high capacity. The bundles of panels are pulled through the cross cut saw to ensure squareness. If necessary, the panels can be divided after the cross cut.

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