Rotary station with chains or rollers

Conveyor solution to turn the path up to 360 degrees  

Discover our turntables

Rotating conveyor to change the trajectory of your products

The rotary station, also known as a turntable, allows you to change the direction and trajectory of the stack of panels on your conveyor line in your warehouse. This system is motorised and fully automated to ensure a smooth flow of panels through the different workstations.

Roller, chain or belt turntable

Our turntables are equipped with roller or chain conveyors and are tailor-made to fit your existing installations. The speed of rotation of the turntable and the conveying speed can be adjusted to suit your industrial application.

Up to 360 degrees of rotation

We design rotary stations dedicated to the panel and flat products industry. The turntable can rotate up to 360 degrees depending on your handling needs. It is equipped with a conveying solution (belt, roller or chain). This allows a smooth and reliable movement of your products on the handling line. Our rotary tables are made to measure by our in-house design office. We manufacture systems that can handle high loads and high speeds for the panel and flat product industries.

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