Stack, Pile and Pallet Turners

Carry your stacks of panels 

We make it turn

Do you need a stack turner for your production lines? We realize it following a rigorous methodology to provide you the best machine available on the market.

We supply you wide range of turners that can manage up to 15 tons of materials.

Whether for pallets, piles, panels, or flat products in general, we manufacture solutions adapted to your production lines. Whatever mass and weight you are handling, we make it turn 180°!

Turning flat products is part of many production processes for various reasons. That is why today at SCHERMESSER we are specialized in the manufacture of this type of machine.

Manual turning is often impossible because of the load and dimensions of the product to be turned. Humanly, this type of process requires a large amount of work and a lot of time, which slows down the production process.  This solution also allows you to turn the product without altering it.

Depending on your existing logistics system, in order to improve your productivity, we realize precise machines from specifications adapted to your request.

One project, one solution

The turning units we produce can be integrated into existing conveyor lines as well as into new lines or even offline. Thanks to our design office we adapt and deliver machines answering your request in a short time.

Whether you are a specialist in wood, metal, insulation, plaster or any flat panel field, our turning units are designed by our team in order to deliver you the best solution.


Even with low infeed and outfeed heights, the stack turner can be integrated into the existing production line, if necessary, by means of a pit.

We can deliver you a stack turner that can be integrated on your conveyor lines. The product is conveyed between two conveyors, clamped, turned over and released by the clamp automatically to let the product out. The conveyors used are mounted on the mobile platforms of the turner.


The turner includes a steel frame that supports the stack during rotation. A lateral stop holds the material in place if necessary, to ensure stability and prevent slippage during the rotation process.

The advantages of our turners

  • Adapted to your production line
  • Suitable for products
  • Alignment of the panels during turning
  • Automatic
  • Hydraulic or electric clamping

Your tailor-made conveyors! Whether it’s a chain, roller, modular belt, corner station, or rotating station, we design your conveyors according to your needs and requirements.

Length | Width | Height | Number of chains | Longitudinal or transverse | Roller thickness | Type of chain or belt | Pitch between chains | Number of motors and their power | Tilt system | Trolley troughs | Sensors | Stop | Lift table | Chassis

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