Belt conveyor

Transport your products without damaging them thanks to the belt conveyor

Discover the belt conveyor

Special features of belt conveyors

Belt conveyors have the unique ability to move your products without damaging them. At Schermesser Handling Systems, we offer different types of conveyor solutions, including the belt conveyor.

Integrating a belt conveyor on your production line or on your intralogistics line is very suitable for the handling of your products. You can use belt conveyors at different stages of your installation according to your particular needs. The belt conveyors can be integrated either at the product reception, during production, at the storage or intermediate storage stage, or at the shipping stage.

Motorization of the conveyor belt

The belt conveyors we offer to our customers are motorized and can be automated according to your needs. Thanks to our automaticians of the company Schermesser Electric Systems, we realize industrial automatic solutions.

This conveyor belt solution can be adapted according to the product you are transporting. It can be stacks of panels, panels by panels or pallets or products stacked on pallets.

Conveyor adapted to your needs

A belt conveyor is made up of different attributes that you can modify and customize according to your installation:

  • The frame
  • The belt: you can choose the color, the material, the thickness, etc.
  • The motor: which can be repositioned under the conveyor, at the end or in the center according to your conditions and needs
  • Feet: they can be adjustable in height according to your needs, they can be fixed to the ground if needed
  • Other additional modules: belt supports, edges, stop, additional electrical modules, etc.

The advantages of belt conveyors

The belt conveyor allows you to move your products through your factory or warehouse without altering or degrading the product.

Another advantage of the belt conveyor is that it can transport single loads unlike the roller or chain conveyor.

Different types of belts can be integrated into the conveyor depending on the handling needs you have. For example, you can opt for belts that are more or less rough, thick, smooth, gripping, etc.  

Thus, all our conveyors are customizable according to your needs and expectations. You can adapt the dimensions, the materials, the speed, the automation, the colors, etc.

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