Quality control machine panel by panel

Control the quality of your wood panels

Discover our panel quality control system

We manufacture automatic panel control devices for the wood industry

Our integrated wood panel quality control device allows you to catch the panel while it is being conveyed on rollers. The red forks lift up and place the panel up to 180° degrees in order to analyze the panel’s quality. Then these red forks come down and place the panel on the roller conveyor line to move it to the right area according to the established quality criteria to which it corresponds. This device is totally automated and does not require any human intervention on the line. Beyond being able to sort your panels in an automated way, it is a secure and reliable process. 

Sensors are integrated on the conveyor so that the forks automatically engage when the panel reaches the end of the line. This control station also has the possibility to stock up to 3 panels.

This quality control device for panels is custom made and designed according to the needs of our customers. With more than 40 years of experience in the field of devices for the wood panel industry, we produce reliable and robust machines and devices for panel manufacturing and handling plants.

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