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Transportez vos panneaux et palettes

We carry them over long distances

If you want to transport your flat products, stacks and panels over long distances through your factory from one station to another or from one storage place to another, opt for the transfer carriage. The transfer carriage will allow you to connect the different conveyor lines. This system is particularly recommended to transfer or move over long distances your heavy loads.

Our transfer carriages are modular to transfer flat loads. They are made of rollers and/or chains adapted for heavy loads and to aggressive environments.

We motorize our industrial conveyors, which allows a fluid, fast and efficient movement of your products, whatever your field of application.

Flow management in your plant thanks to the transfer carriage

Opting for a transfer carriage to manage your flows over long distances seems to be the best solution. At Schermesser we produce different conveyor systems for our customers according to their needs (see all our conveyors). The internal transportation/flow logistic of the production of panels or flat products can be challenging. Indeed, the circulation of materials in the manufacturing network can be ensured by a conveyor. However, over long distances, the transfer carriage can be much more suitable.

The transfer conveyor is often used when your flow is divided into several flows, or conversely, when several flows are concentrated into one. This is the case, for example, when the product passes through the chain of processing, machining, handling and intermediate storage operations.

Thanks to our 40 years of experience in the field of conveying and complementary equipment for flat product lines, we are able to deliver your customized shuttle conveyor adapted to your products and your production flow. All features are customizable to adapt the machine to your transport needs. Whether for production lines or storage lines, the transfer carriage is installed to transport the product over long distances.

The advantages of the Schermesser transfer carriage:

  • Robust and adapted to the product transported
  • Modular in length, width and height, depending on the loads
  • Can be integrated on your lines
  • Supports up to 32 tons
  • Can go at a speed of up to 30 meters per minute

By integrating a Schermesser transfer conveyor on your production lines, you choose French quality and you are guaranteed a high-performance and foolproof solution.

Depending on the application, our transfer carriages are composed of 2 rails, or 3 rails for the heaviest loads. The movement of the transfer carriage can be in translation or in rotation according to your needs. We are also able to make a mixed transfer carriage, i.e. composed of chains and rollers to make a corner station.

Transfer carriages that can be integrated into any of your lines

In order to give you with best solution for your production or storage lines, our design offices located in France and Germany analyze your systems and design customized solutions. Thanks to our CAD software from the Autodesk suite, we design your future conveyors with the Inventor software. We make a 3D scan of your workshop environment; this allows us to deliver a custom-made shuttle conveyor adapted to your lines. Once the design review has been completed, our design office will draw up the transfer carriage.

The production of your transfer carriage is carried out in our workshops in France. Our know-how and our expertise allow us to produce a solid, robust machine adapted to the conditions of your factory. Moreover, the wiring and automation are carried out by our teams specialized in electrical engineering and programming of Industrial machines in all sectors of activity.

Our objective when you call upon our know-how for a carriage or a shuttle is to satisfy your expectations. In addition to transporting your flat products, piles and panels from point A to point B over long distances, we want you to be more productive. Towards this, at Schermesser, we insist on the quality and reliability of the transfer carriage we produce. Our commitment is to create a long-term relationship of trust with our customers and to collaborate on your new or future projects.  

Once the transfer carriage is tested, pre-wired and ready for use, we deliver and install it on your production lines. We use movitrans plates, which allow us to use an induction feeding system in the floor. This contactless power supply system allows us to deliver a solution without visible cables on the machine.

Loading and unloading of the transfer carriage

In order to simplify your long-distance conveying system, the loading and unloading area of the transfer carriage can be fixed or mobile, i.e. at various locations in your plant. This allows you to load and unload your products at different locations on your production line. Our objective is to allow you to reduce the manpower on the transfers of the products and to make you gain in productivity. 

Human machine interface

One of the advantages of the transfer carriage over traditional conveyors is its accessibility. We can integrate a solution on your transfer carriage to make the machine accessible to humans. This is possible thanks to the safety systems that surround the machine. We install sensors and bumpers on your transfer carriage to ensure the safety of the machine.

Your automatic shuttle conveyor

According to your request and your constraints, our transfer carriage can be manual, semi-automatic or automatic. It’s your choice!

An automatic operation will allow you to install the machine directly on your production lines and to connect it to your conveyors already installed on your lines. The manual operation can be radio controlled or managed directly from a control station integrated on the transfer carriage.  

Whichever operation you use for your transfer carriage, the movement is managed by a variable speed drive. This allows smooth movement when moving the stack or panel. The transport is unruffled.  

Our range of transfer carriage

With our different models of transfer carriage, you can build an infinite number of circuits over long distances!

Roller Conveyors | Chain Conveyors | Combination, Roller and Chain Conveyors | Corner Stations | Swing Station Conveyor

Our transfer carriages can support a load of up to 32 tons and go at a rail speed of up to 30 meters per minute. They can be integrated on different machines in your factory, conveyors, unstackers, elevators, etc.

Your custom-made transfer carriages! Whether it is a chain conveyor, a roller conveyor, a corner station, or a pivoting station, we design your conveyors according to your needs and constraints.

Length | Width | Height | Number of chains | Longitudinal or transverse | Roller thickness | Type of chain or belt | Pitch between chains | Number of motors and their power | Tilt system | Carriage lifts | Sensors | Stop | Lift table | Frame

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