Transfer table

90-degree conveying solution with the combination table

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90 degree conveying with the transfer table

At Schermesser, we design and manufacture your handling solutions and thus your transfer tables for your panels or stacks of panels.

Mixed table and transfer table

The transfer table is the perfect handling solution to ensure a 90 degree change of trajectory of your products on your conveyor line. The transfer table is a conveying solution consisting of two different types of conveyors, e.g. chain conveyor and roller conveyor.  

The panel or stack of panels arrives for example on a roller conveyor, once the stack is on the transfer table, the rollers are lowered and the chain conveyor system is triggered and transports the product in a new direction at 90 degrees. The solution is fully automated and is perfect for managing the flow of your wood or steel panel stacks in your factory or warehouse.

Transfer tables for heavy products and loads

Our transfer tables are specialised for heavy and very large loads. In addition, all our handling solutions are tailor-made to your needs thanks to our design office. Thus, Schermesser transfer tables are specialised for industrial environments.

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